Federico Vittorio Lupo

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  • Federico Vittorio Lupo was born in Palermo, Italy, in 1996. He is currently a Ph.D student in Information and Communication Technologies at University of Palermo. He got his Master's degree in Electronic Engineering at University of Palermo in 2020. His dissertation was on: “ZrO2-based Memristors” with Prof. R. Macaluso as the supervisor, focused on the design of a characterization system for memristors.

     Curriculum vitae
  • Field of expertise

    Electronic design and simulation, Memristor characterization.

  • Main current works

    Memristor fabrication and characterization

Selected publications

- F.V. Lupo, D. Scirè, M. Mosca, I. Crupi, L. Razzari, R. Macaluso: Custom measurement system for memristor characterisation - Solid-State Electronics, 186 (2021) 108049.

University of Palermo  -  Department of Energy, Information engineering and Mathematical models (DEIM)
viale delle Scienze, Building 9  -  I-90128  Palermo (Italy)