• Memristors

    Memristors are nonlinear, bias-dependent resistors, which can be used as memory elements. They are characterized for exhibiting resistive switching between a high-resistance state (HRS) and a low-resistance state (LRS) and have been recently considered as one of the most promising candidates for next-generation nonvolatile memory devices because of their low power consumption, fast switching operation, nondestructive readout, and remarkable scalability.
    In particular ZnO has recently attracted much attention as oxide material for resistive switching application, due to its abundance in nature, which means low cost, and compatibility with CMOS technology, in terms of process integration and device scalability down to nanometric sizes. VO2 is also a promising candidate as switching material for data storage. Its memristive properties have been already used for different applications, though most of them exploit only its phase-transition behaviour driven by thermal or optical heating. Results show that devices up to 300 x 300 mm² exhibit memristive behaviour regardless of device size. Smaller devices (100 x 100 mm²), however, display a trend of HRS increasing with device size decreasing. In particular, ZnO-based devices have proven to be more suitable for memory application than VO2-based device, exhibiting a higher ROFF/RON ratio.

  • Related Publications

    - R. Macaluso, G. Lullo, M. Mosca, V. Costanza, A. D'Angelo, D. Russotto, V. Aglieri, A. Zaffora, A. Genovese, F. Caruso, C. Calì, F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, F: Di Quarto: Fabrication and characterization of micrometer-scale ZnO memristors Book of Abstracts of the 47th annual meeting of Italian Group of Electronics, GE 2015 (Siena, Italy, June 24th-26th, 2015), pp.73-74. Poster
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    - R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, V. Costanza, A. D'Angelo, G. Lullo, F. Caruso, C. Calì, F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, and F. Di Quarto: Resistive switching behaviour in ZnO and VO2 memristors grown by pulsed laser deposition - Electronics Letters 50 (2014) 262-263.

  • Projects and Funding

    • Crescita e caratterizzazione di interfacce metallo/ossido, metallo/polimero e metallo/ossido/polimero per applicazioni ingegneristiche, Local University Project (Ex 60% 2012) - Coordinator: F. Di Quarto

  • Collaborations

    • Department of Civil, Environment and Materials Engineering (DICAM), Electrochemical Group, University of Palermo, Palermo (Italy)
    • National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), Palermo, (Italy)

  • Related Theses

    • GENOVESE Alessio, ZnO-based memristors (Supervisors: Dr. R. Macaluso, Prof. G. Lullo) 2014
    • COSTANZA Vincenzo, Memristors: Fabrication and characterisation (Supervisors: Dr. R. Macaluso, Prof. G. Lullo) 2013
    • D'ANGELO Alessandro, Memristors: Design of the devices and realisation of a characterisation system (Supervisors: Dr. M. Mosca, Mr. F. Caruso) 2013
    • TOCCO Claudia, Non-volatile memories: Current technologies and future outlook (Supervisors: Dr. R. Macaluso) 2012 - literature review
    • MUSCA Alessandro, Memristors and applications (Supervisors: Dr. R. Macaluso) 2010 - literature review

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