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  • Dr. Roberto Macaluso gained his master degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Palermo, Italy, in 1999 and received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics from the University of Strathclyde, UK, in 2003, working on GaInNAs-based microcavity structures for advanced data-communication devices. He then moved to Infineon Technologies AG (Corporate Research Photonics), Munich, Germany, working on processing and fabrication of novel laser-modulator devices based on InGaAlAs-InP multi quantum wells structures for data transmission beyond 40 Gbit/s. In 2006 he was appointed as Assistant Professor at the University of Palermo (Department of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering), Italy. His current research interests include design, fabrication and characterization of Ta2O5 and HfO2-based resistive switching memory devices, pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and characterization of metal oxides (e.g. VO2, ZnO, AZO, Cu2O) for the realization of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics devices. He is author or co-author of more than 50 scientific papers published on peer-reviewed journals or book chapters.
    He currently teaches Nanoelectronics (Master degree in Electronics Engineering) and Electronics 2 (Bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering).

     Curriculum vitae
  • Research areas

    •Nanoelectronic devices
    •Photonic and Optoelectronic devices
    •Micro and Nanotechnologies for Electronics and Optoelectronics
    •Resistive switching memories
    •Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) of semiconductors and oxides.
  • Main current works

    •Design, fabrication and characterization of memristors based both on metal oxides such as ZnO, VO2, HfO2, TiO2 and organic/flexible materials
    •Design, fabrication and characterization of heterojuncion devices for optoelectronic applications
    •Deposition and characterization of SiC, ZnO, AZO, Cu2O, TiO2, HfO2, Ta2O5 MoO3, WO3 and Nb2O5 thin films by pulsed laser deposition (PLD).
  • Teaching

    Electronics 2
  • Ph.D. students

    Federico Vittorio Lupo

Selected publications

- D. Scirč, R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, S. Mirabella, A. Gulino, O. Isabella, M. Zeman, I. Crupi: Characterization of the defect density states in MoOx for c-Si solar cell applications - Solid-State Electronics, 185 (2021) 108135.
- F.V. Lupo, D. Scirč, M. Mosca, I. Crupi, L. Razzari, R. Macaluso: Custom measurement system for memristor characterisation - Solid-State Electronics, 186 (2021) 108049.
- A. Boughelout, R. Macaluso, I. Crupi, B. Megna, A. Brighet, M. Trari, M. Kechouane: Effect of the Si doping on the properties of AZO/SiC/Si heterojunctions grown by low temperature pulsed laser deposition, Semiconductor Science and Technology, 36 (2020) 015001.
- R. Macaluso, G. Lullo, I. Crupi, D. Scirè, F. Caruso, E. Feltin, M. Mosca: Progress in Violet Light-Emitting Diodes Based on ZnO/GaN Heterojunction, Electronics, 9 (2020) 991.
- V. Aglieri, X. Jin, A. Rovere, R. Piccoli, D. Caraffini, S. Tuccio, F. De Angelis, R. Morandotti, R. Macaluso, A. Toma, L. Razzari: Improving nanoscale terahertz field localization by means of sharply tapered resonant nanoantennas, Nanophotonics, 9 (2020) 683.
- F. Yue, V. Aglieri, R. Piccoli, R. Macaluso, A. Toma, R. Morandotti, L. Razzari: Highly sensitive polarization rotation measurement through a high-order vector beam generated by a metasurface, Advanced Material Technologies, 5 (2020) 1901008.
- T. Cesca, C. Scian, E. Petronijevic, G. Leahu, R. Li Voti, G. Cesarini, R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, C. Sibilia, G. Mattei: Correlation between in situ structural and optical characterization of the semiconductor-to-metal phase transition of VO2 thin films on sapphire, Nanoscale, 12 (2020) 851.
- R. Macaluso, G. Lullo, I. Crupi, F. Caruso, E. Feltin, M. Mosca: Current Spreading Length and Injection Efficiency in ZnO/GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 66 (2019) Article number 8856269, Pages 4811-4816.
- V. Figà, H. Ustab, R. Macaluso, U. Salznerd, M. Ozdemirb, B. Kulyke, O. Krupkaf, M. Bruno: Electrochemical polymerization of ambipolar carbonyl-functionalized indenofluorene with memristive properties, Optical Materials, 94, (2019) 187.
- A. Boughelout, R. Macaluso, I. Crupi, B. Megna, M. S. Aida, M. Kechouane: Improved Cu2O/AZO Heterojunction by Inserting a Thin ZnO Interlayer Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition, Journal of Electronic Materials, 48,(2019) 4381.
- A. Zaffora, R. Macaluso, H. Habazaki, I. Valov, M. Santamaria: Electrochemically prepared oxides for resistive switching devices - Electrochimica Acta, 274 (2018) 103-111.
- A. Boughelout, N. Zebbar, R. Macaluso, Z. Zohour, A. Bensouilah, A. Zaffora, M.S. Aida, M. Kechouane, M. Trari: Rhodamine (B) photocatalysis under solar light on high crystalline ZnO films grown by home-made DC sputtering - Optik, 174 (2018) 77-85.
- V. Aglieri, A.Zaffora, G.Lullo, M.Santamaria, F.Di Franco, U.Lo Cicero, M.Mosca, R.Macaluso: Resistive switching in microscale anodic titanium dioxide-based memristors - Superlattices and Microstructures, 113 (2018) 135-142.
- M. Barbouche, R. Benabderrahmane Zaghouani, N.E. Benammar, V. Aglieri, M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, K. Khirouni, H. Ezzaouia: New process of silicon carbide purification intended for silicon passivation - Superlattices and Microstructures, 101 (2017) 512-521.
- A. Zaffora, F. Di Franco, F. Di Quarto, R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, H. Habazakic, M. Santamaria: The effect of Nb incorporation on the electronic properties of Anodic HfO2 - ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 6 (2017) N25-N31.
- F. Caruso, M. Mosca, S. Rinella, R. Macaluso, C. Calì, F. Saiano, E. Feltin: Frequency-Downconversion Stability of PMMA Coatings in Hybrid White Light-Emitting Diodes - Journal of Electronic Materials, 45 (2016) 682-687.
- M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, F. Caruso, V. Lo Muzzo, C. Calì: The p-Type Doping of ZnO: Mirage or Reality? in “Advances in Semiconductor Research: Physics of Nanosystems, Spintronics and Technological Applications”, edited by D. Persano Adorno and S. Pokutnyi, chapter 12 (Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2015) pp. 245-282.
- A. Sacco, M. S. Di Bella, M. Gerosa, A. Chiodoni, S. Bianco, M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, C. Calì, C. F. Pirri: Enhancement of photoconversion efficiency in dye-sensitized solar cells exploiting pulsed laser deposited niobium pentoxide blocking layers - Thin Solid Films, 574 (2015) 38-42.
- F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, F. Di Quarto, R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, C. Calì:Electrochemical Fabrication and Physico-Chemical Characterization of Metal/High K Insulating Oxide/Polymer Electrolyte Junctions - Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 118 (2014) 29973-29980.
- R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, V. Costanza, A. D'Angelo, G. Lullo, F. Caruso, C. Calì, F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, and F. Di Quarto: Resistive switching behaviour in ZnO and VO2 memristors grown by pulsed laser deposition - Electronics Letters 50 (2014) 262-263.
- M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, G. Randazzo, M. Di Bella, F. Caruso, C. Calì, F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, F. Di Quarto: Anodized Ti-Si Alloy as Gate Oxide of Electrochemically-Fabricated Organic Field-Effect Transistors - ElectroChemical Society Solid State Letters, 3 (2014) P7-P9.
- M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, C. Calì, R. Butté, S. Nicolay, E. Feltin, D. Martin, N. Grandjean: Optical, structural, and morphological characterisation of epitaxial ZnO films grown by pulsed-laser deposition - Thin Solid Films 539 (2013) 55-59.
- R. Macaluso, M. Mosca, C. Calì, F. Di Franco, M. Santamaria, F. Di Quarto, J.-L. Reverchon: Erroneous p-type assignment by Hall effect measurements in annealed ZnO films grown on InP - Journal of Applied Physics 113 (2013) 164508.
- M. Mosca, F. Caruso, L. Zambito, B. Seminara, R. Macaluso, C. Calì, E. Feltin: Warm white LED light by frequency down-conversion of mixed yellow and red Lumogen® in "Integrated Photonics: Materials, Devices, and Applications II", edited by J.- M. Fédéli, L. Vivien, M. K. Smit, Vol. 8767, pg. 87670L-1/10 (SPIE, Washington, 2013).
- M. Mosca, F. Caruso, L. Zambito, R. Macaluso, C. Calì, E. Feltin: Hybrid LEDs pave way to new lighting applications - Photonics Spectra 47 (2013) 60-64.
- F. Caruso, M. Mosca, R. Macaluso, E. Feltin, C. Calì: Generation of white LED light by frequency down-conversion using a perylene-based dye - Electronics Letters 48 (2012) 1417-1419.

Main Projects

• Crescita e caratterizzazione di interfacce metallo/ossido, metallo/polimero e metallo/ossido/polimero per applicazioni ingegneristiche, Local University Project (Ex 60% 2013) - Coordinator: F. Di Quarto
• Ambition Power (National Project “PON” 2013) - Coordinator: R. Miceli
• Innovation for greeN Energy and eXchange in Transportation (i-NEXT) (National Project “PON” 2013) - Coordinator: L. Dusonchet
• LED blu e ultravioletti realizzati in ZnO, Local University Project (Ex 60% 2007) - Coordinator: M. Mosca
• Crescita mediante laser e caratterizzazione di ossidi drogati per applicazioni fotoniche ed optoelettroniche, Local University Project (Ex 60% 2006) - Coordinator: C. Calì

Editorial and review activities

• 2020-present: Guest editor for the Journal Materials (MDPI) for the Special Issue: “Organic Materials for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications”.
• Referee service for the following international peer-reviewed journals: Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Sensors, Micromachines, Electronics, Materials, Advanced Electronics Materials, Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, Material Science in Semiconductor Processing, Superlattice and Microstructures.

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