• Fabrication of dielectric mirrors and filters

    Dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR) for nitride-based vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL) are deposited by CO2 laser-assisted thermal evaporation. As known, the refractive index step is larger in dielectric than in nitride DBR, meaning that a less number of layers is necessary. We can design and fabricate DBRs centered at any needed wavelength. As an example, we fabricated a DBR centered at 420 nm with a reflectivity of 99.5% by only 6 pairs of ZnS/MgF2 layers.

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    • Utilizzo di un fascio polarizzato nel controllo dello spessore di strati dielettrici durante la crescita, Local University Project (Ex 60% 2007) - Coordinator: C. Calì

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    • CARDILLO Alessio, Progettazione e realizzazione di specchi ad alta riflettività per laser a cavità verticale basati su nitruri (Supervisor: Prof. C. Calì) 2010
    • CALABRO' Placido, Gestione di un impianto di deposizione mediante laser a CO2 (Supervisor: Prof. C. Calì) 2007

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