Remedial Course

Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering - 3rd year
Agrigento University annex
Bachelor Degree in Computer and Telecommunication Engineering - 3rd year
academic year 2014/15

Dr. Mauro Mosca

 Lesson Plan

This course provides the fundamental principles of components, devices and electronic systems. It requires the knowledge of “Physics”, “Electrical Engineering” and “Logic Design”. The examination includes a written project and an oral examination.

Introduction to electronics
Signals. Frequency spectrum of a signal. Analog and digital signals. Amplifiers. Prerequisites for the study of the fundamentals of electronics.
Combinatorial Circuits
Logic gates. Encoders. Decoders. Multiplexer. Demultiplexer. Comparators. Adders.
Sequential Circuits
Asynchronous and synchronous networks. Latch. Flip-flop (or bistable multivibrator). Shift registers. Counters. Data sheets of digital integrated circuits.
Operational Amplifiers
General information on amplifiers. Ideal operational amplifier. Open-loop operation. Closed-loop operation. Linear circuits with operational amplifiers. Wiring diagrams of operational amplifiers. Characteristics of real operational amplifiers. Comparators. Data sheets of operational amplifiers.
Semiconductor Physics
The isolated atom: energy levels. The atom in a solid crystal: energy bands. Semiconductors. Doped semiconductors. Conduction in semiconductors. p-n junctions.
The semiconductor diode
Characteristic of the semiconductor diode. The diode as a circuit element. Models of the diode. Rectifier circuits. Power supplies. Limiting circuits. Diode logic circuits. Window comparator. Zener diodes. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Photodiodes. Data sheets of diodes.
The field effect transistor (FET)
General considerations on the FET. Enhancement MOSFET. Depletion MOSFET. Data sheets of FETs.
Analog Circuits
General information on amplifiers. Principle of operation of discrete amplifiers. Operating limits of the discrete amplifiers. Method of analysis of the amplifiers. Static analysis: bias networks. Analysis of dynamic amplification. Configurations of amplifiers. Multistage amplifiers. Design criteria.
Logic families
MOSFET as a switch. Evolution of logic families. General characteristics of the integrated logic families. The CMOS family. Special configurations. Driving of discrete components.
Acquisition and Signal Processing
Systems of data acquisition and processing. Transducers. Quantization and sampling. Digital-to-analog converters (weighted resistive type). Analog-digital converters (flash, successive approximation, counter).

- Teaching aids provided by the teacher
- A.S Sedra, K.C. Smith: Circuiti per la microelettronica (Edises, 2005).

Written and oral examination.

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Communications to the students
- RESULTS WRITTEN EXAM (April 14th, 2015)
- Slides and lecture notes are directly available on “Teaching Material” page.

University of Palermo  -  Department of Energy, Information engineering and Mathematical models (DEIM)
viale delle Scienze, Building 9  -  I-90128  Palermo (Italy)