Master Degree in Electronic Engineering - 1st year
1st semester,  academic year 2023/24

Prof. Mauro Mosca

 Lesson Plan

This course provides the fundamentals and some advanced concepts on devices for optoelectronics and photonics. The approach is dynamic and concrete, with a look to the commercial devices and industrial environment, also in terms of employment. During the course, students are expected to attend some laboratory experiences. The course requires the knowledge of Electron Devices, Physics, and Electronics.

Main Topics
• Light properties
• Electro-optic modulators
• Fundamental of photodetectors
• Fundamental of LEDs
• Fundamental of lasers
• Epitaxy and heterostructures
• Materials for optoelectronics devices
• White LEDs
• Organic LEDs (OLEDs)
• Quantum-cascade laser
• IR detectors and QWIP (Quantum-Well Infrared Photodetectors)
• UV “Solar-Blind” Detectors
• Applications

The course includes experimental exercises which will be carried out in the Photonics Laboratory of our Department (DI). They will be focused mainly on the characterisation and applications of some optoelectronic devices.

Course books
- Teaching Material provided by the lecturer
In addition to the material provided by the lecturer (notes, slides), the following text books are recommended:
- C. W. Wilmsen, H. Temkin, L. A. Coldren: Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers: Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Applications, Cambridge University Press (2001)
- E. F. Schubert: Light-Emitting Diodes (2nd edition), Cambridge University Press (2006)
- D. Sands: Diode lasers, IoP Publishing (2005)
- V. Ryzhii: Intersubband Infrared Photodetectors, World Scientific (2003)
- M. Razeghi, M. Henini: Optoelectronic Devices: III-Nitrides, Gulf Professional Publishing (2004)

Oral examination and redaction of a short paper.

 Paper template (for final examination)

 Teaching Material

 Class organisation (Scheda di trasparenza)

 Exams calendar

Communications to the students

New release of the lesson plan published on the website! (27/09/2023)

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