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    Are you a researcher?

    Do you work either in a private research institute, or in an academic environment? We are pleased to collaborate with you, sharing our ideas, our know-how and our facilities. Together, il will be easier to develop our projects (or yours) and catch the necessary funding.

    Please feel free to contact us for information about our research projects and for any kind of involvement.

    Are you a student?

    Would you like to spend your time to acquire new competences?... Learning to use photonic and electronic systems?... Playing the right instruments and tools "with your hands", instead of reading how they work in a book? Probably, your main goal could be to draw up your degree dissertation on a real project, instead of summarising what other people have already done; then, you will realize this is the first step of your career! You will be able to "sell" your personal experience (that you would never find by following courses, or reading some books) for your next job, or for joining the research scientific community.

    Have you already earned your bachelor's degree and you wish to take a master's degree? Are you dynamic, bright, and full of will to learn?
    Now, you can consider to continue your study by following our master's courses in Electronic Engineering. Our classes are small and never crowded, so you can enjoy a direct tutoring service in a tranquil and stimulating environment. Furthermore, magnific climate and venue offered by Palermo are the most powerful helps for mood and goodwill!

    Please feel free to contact us for any information about our classes, registration, and necessary bureaucracy (forms, fees, etc.).

  • There are no open positions at this time!

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