-         Standard Elecronic Dacade value Tables.


-         Resistors

    Carbon film resistors (Vishay Semiconductors).

        Thick Film Chip Resistors (Nic Components).

        Thick film trimmable resistor chip (Vishay Semiconductors).

        Resistors Color code.


-         Capacitors

        NMC Series NPO, Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (Nic Components).

        NMC Series X7R, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Nic Components).

        NCM Series, Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (Nic Components).


-         Diodes:

        1N914, High-speed diodes (Philips).

        1N4148, Small signal diodes (General Semiconductor).

        1N4148, 1N4150, 1N4448 Switching diodes (Rohm).

        1N5711WS, Schottky diodes (Diodes Incorporated).

        1N746A, 1N759A Zeners (Fairchild Semiconductor).

        1N5225-67, Zener diodes (Vishay Semiconductors).

        LEDs - variuos wavelengths (LEDTRONICS, Micropac Industries):

                ▪  IR (940 nm).

                ▪  IR (740 nm).

                ▪  Ultra red (651 nm).

                ▪  Red (639 nm).

                ▪  Red (635 nm).

                ▪  Pink.

                ▪  Orange (622 nm).

                ▪  Yellow (598 nm).

                ▪  Green (574 nm).

                ▪  Blue (465 nm).

                ▪  Ultra blue (427 nm).

                ▪  UV (405 nm).

                ▪  White.


-         Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs):

        PN2222A, NPN General purpose (Fairchild Semiconductor).

        2N3904, NPN General purpose, switching application (KEC).

        2N3906, PNP General purpose, switching application (KEC).

        MJE521, Medium-Power NPN (ST Microelectronics).


-         MOSFETs:

        2N7000, N - Channel Enhancement MOSFET (National Semiocnductor).

        IRF540, N - Channel Power MOSFET (ST Microelectronics).

        2SK2956, N - Channel MOSFET (Hitachi Semiconductor).


-         Logic Gates:

        MM74HC04, Triple buffered inverter - CMOS technology (Fairchild Semiconductor).

        CD4007C, Inverter CMOS (Fairchild Semiconductor).

        CD4007M, Inverter CMOS (National Semiconductor).

   PO74G04A, Inverter Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

   SN7405, SN74LS05 - Inverters with Open Collector Outputs - TTL technology (Texas Instruments).

   DM74LS14, Inverters with Schmitt trigger inputs (Fairchild Semiconductor).

   PO74G14A, Inverters with Schmitt trigger, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

   74ACT11000, 2-input positive NAND Gate - Advanced CMOS technology (Texas Instruments).

   MM74C00/02/04, 2-input NAND Gate/2-input NOR Gate/ Inverter - CMOS technology (Fairchild Semiconductor).

        SN74ALS00A, 2-input positive NAND Gates (Texas Instruments).

        SN7400/SN74LS00, 2-input positive NAND Gates (Texas Instruments).

   PO74G00A, 2-input positive NAND Gates, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

        SN7401/SN74LS01, 2-input Positive-NAND Gates with Open Collector Outputs (Texas Instruments).

        SN74132/SN74LS132, 2-input Positive NAND Schmitt Triggers (Texas Instruments).

        SN7402/SN72LS02, 2-input Positive NOR Gates (Texas Instruments).

   PO74G02A, 2-input Positive NOR Gates, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

        SN7408/SN74LS08, 2-input Positive AND Gates (Texas Instruments).

   PO74G08A, 2-input Positive AND Gates, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

        SN7409/SN74LS09, 2-input Positive AND Gates with Open Collector Outputs (Texas Instruments).

        MC74VHC1G09, 2-input AND Gates with Open Drain Output (ON Semiconductor).

   PO74G32A, 2-input Positive OR Gates, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

        SN7486/SN74LS86A, 2-input Exclusive-OR Gates (Texas Instruments).

        CD74HC7266, 2-input Exclusive-NOR Gate (Texas Instruments).

        MC14001B Series: 2 and 3-inputs NOR, NAND, OR, AND Gates - CMOS technology (ON Semiconductor).

        74LX1G04, Low Voltage CMOS single Inverter (ST Microelectronics).

        SN7410/SN74LS10, 3-input Positive-NAND Gates (Texas Instruments).

        SN7420/SN74LS20, 4-input Positive-NAND Gates (Texas Instruments).

        SN74LS126A, Quadruple 3-state Buffers (Motorola).

   PO74G125A, Quadruple Buffer Bus Gates with 3-state Outputs, Series GHz Logic (Potato Semiconductors).

        SN74LS240-242-244, Octal Buffers and line drivers with 3-state outputs (Texas Instruments).

        MC10E104/MC100E104, 5V ECL 2-input AND/NAND Gate (ON Semiconductor).

        MC10E101/MC100E101, 5V ECL 4-input OR/NOR Gate (ON Semiconductor).



-         BCD to 7 Segment decoders/drivers:

        SN7446A/SN74LS47, TTL Technology (Texas Instruments).

        CD4511BC, CMOS Technology, bipolar output drivers (Fairchild Semiconductor).


-         Numeric Displays:

        TIL 302/303/304, Red solid-state display (Texas Instruments).

        HDSP-F00X/F50X Series, 10 mm Seven Segment Displays, various colours (HP).


-         Flip-Flops:

        MC74HC74A, FF-D positive-edge trigger with Set and Reset (ON Semiconductor).

        MC74AC74 / MC74ACT74, FF-D Positive-edge trigger (ON Semiconductor).

        MC74HCT74A, FF-D with Set and Reset with LSTTL compatible inputs (ON Semiconductor).

        MC14027B, FF-JK, positive-edge trigger (ON Semiconductor).

        CD74HC112 / CD74HCT112, FF-JK with Set and Reset, Negative-Edge trigger (Texas Instruments).

        CD74HC109 / CD74HCT109, FF-JK with Set and Reset, Positive-Edge trigger (Texas Instruments).

        CD74AC109, FF-JK, Positive-Edge trigger with clear and preset (Texas Instruments).

        SN74107 / SN74LS107A, FF-JK with clear, positive-pulse trigger (Texas Instruments).


-         Counters:

        SN74LS160A/163, Synchronous 4 bit Counter (Texas Instruments).

        SN7493A/SN74LS90-92-93, Decade, Divide by twelve and Binary Counters (Texas Instruments).

        CD74HC4017, Decade Counter/Divider with 10 decoded Outputs (Texas Instruments).

        SN74ALS193A, Synchronous 4-bit Up/Down Binary Counters (Texas Instruments).

        SN74HC191, 4-bit Synchronous Up/Down Binary Counters (Texas Instruments).

        HCC4029B, Up/Down Binary or BCD decade Counter (ST Microelectronics).


-         Shift Registers:

        CD74HC194, 4-bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register (Texas Instruments).


-         Analog Switches/Multiplexers/Demultiplexers:

        MAX4595, Single Channel Analog Switch (Texas Instruments).

        TL601, TL604, TL607, TL610  -  P-MOS Analog Switches (Texas Instruments).

        CD4053B-Q1, CMOS Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers with logic-level conversion (Texas Instruments).

        CD74HC4067, 16-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer (Texas Instruments).

        CD74HCT4051, Analog Multiplexers/Demultiplexers (Texas Instruments).


-         Operational Amplifiers:

        LM124/LM224/LM324/LM2902, Low Power Operational Amplifier (National Semiconductor).

        LM211/LM311, Single Comparators (ON Semiconductor).

        LM393/LM2903, Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators (ON Semiconductor).

        mA741, General Purpose Operational Amplifiers (Texas Instruments).


-         Waves Generators:

        LM555 Timer (National Semiconductor).

        LMC555 CMOS Timer (National Semiconductor).

        SN74121, Monostable Multivibrators with Schmitt trigger Inputs (Texas Instruments).

        DM74LS123, Retriggerable One-Shot with Clear and Complementary Outputs (National Semiconductor).


-         Analog to Digital Converters:

        ADC87, 12-bit, 8 ms, Military A/D Converter (Micro Networks).

        ADC-908, CMOS Microprocessor-compatible fast 8-bit A/D Converter (Precision Monolithics Inc.).

        ADC081S101, Single channel 8-bit A/D Converter (National Semiconductor).

        ADC912A, 12-bit A/D Converter (Analog Devices).

        AD7908/AD7918/AD7928, 8-Channel, 8-/10-/12-bit ADCs (Analog Devices).

        TC850, 15 bit ADCs (Microchip).